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Fire and Safety course in Trivandrum

Our course duration: 2 Months

Course Fees: 25000

We have our other branches are Thrissur and Kochi

Al Salama School of Safety Studies training & consultancy, Fire and Industrial Safety Course Trivandrum is one of the best fire and safety training centers in Kerala. The Advanced Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety Management Course in Trivandrum is a Health and Safety Advanced Level. The course primarily designed for professionals pursuing a diversified career in health and safety as well as fire and safety.

Diploma in Fire and Safety: What is it About?

A systematic review of risk control and interventions to be implemented during fire accidents is the Diploma in Fire and Safety Management. In order to educate applicants to acquire information about the protective measures to be applied during times of emergency, the research of this program is integrated.

The curriculum helps the applicants through rigorous preparation and study session to qualify themselves to become good safety personnel. With the growth in risk factors, the size of demand for more security personnel has also increased.

 The Diploma in fire and safety Management program focuses mostly on real-life training sessions, as well as mock drills. The curriculum focuses primarily on the research involved in the battle against fire and fire. The course broadly addresses topics relating to fire prevention, communication systems, fire safety engineering, and first aid. 

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The scope of Fire and Safety course in Trivandrum

As the scope of this course is growing steadily based on the demand for firefighting personnel, after the completion of 12th grade, more and more candidates are opting to receive a Diploma in fire and safety Management. Candidates have a wide reach in the department of armed forces, MNCs, and public sectors, industries, construction firms, oil companies, etc. after passing out of the program.

Hired as safety managers and coaches anywhere there is a greater risk of injuries and the need for safety measures. The main purpose of the curriculum is to prepare students to get a better view of the situation at hand and to be able to cope appropriately with fire situations, injury prevention, and methods of controlling mishaps.


Diploma in Fire and Safety in Trivandrum: Eligibility

For candidates seeking admission to the Diploma in fire and safety courses, the eligibility requirements are as follows:

A prerequisite for admission is candidates qualifying for 10+2 exams, passing 12th grade in any applicable Commerce/Science/Arts discipline with a minimum aggregate specified by a recognized board. For the course, there is no entrance review or GD/PI held.




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