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Fire and Safety training course in Thrissur

Our course duration: 2 Months

Course Fees: 25000

We have our other branches are Kochi and Trivandrum

The aim of the Thrissur fire and safety Institute is to promote an integrated approach to reducing life and property loss from fire through sound decision-making on fire safety. Our Institute pursues the following goals: research to collect and coordinate current and emerging concepts of fire safety. Decision analysis approaches to build better ways of using technology for fire protection.


Fire and Safety in Thrissur

In offering a Fire and Safety course in Thrissur, Al Salama School of Safety Studies offers a Diploma in Fire and safety course in Thrissur, a leading name in the area. In turning an individual into a security professional, our large and varied curriculum is helpful.

We do not just generate holders of fire and safety diplomas, but we build safety practitioners who will be able to motivate giant corporate enterprises to comply with laws, recommend ambitious environmental policies, and protect workers from high-risk situations.


Why to Choose Al Salama School of Safety Studies in Thrissur?


  • In the field of protection, all our divisions are well experienced.
  • Practical exposure to all kinds of handling & use of safety devices & personal protective equipment.
  • To promote and build up the firefighting skills of our students, frequent professional visits to businesses, organisations and locations that include high fire risks.
  • In India & Abroad, 100% assured job placement in leading industries.
  • Al Salama Thrissur is one of the few institutes providing distan distan in India.


Diploma in Fire and Safety

We will have an in-depth analysis of the Diploma in Fire and safety course in this report. It is a Diploma course with a career orientation. This paper covers topics such as specifics of the course, length, conditions of eligibility, entry, syllabus and job prospects.

The Fire and Safety Diploma is also known by other names, such as the Fire and Safety  Administration Diploma, the Fire and safety Technology Diploma, etc. Although the names are slightly different, the quality of the course is the same in both of the above listed words.

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