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Logistics course institute in Thrissur

The Al Salama School of Safety Studies is one of the leading accredited training institutions in Thrissur for shipping & logistics courses. We are known for providing exposure and hands-on experience with quality education.

Logistics Institute in Thrissur


The Al Salama School of Logistics & Supply Chain Management is an initiative of Al Salama Inspection Services, the leading specialist & trustworthy training brand, which has training centers throughout Thrissur. Al Salama School of Safety Studies provides logistics and supply chain management courses that are effective in providing placements in reputable logistics for all those candidates

An integral part of Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the Al Salama Logistics Course in Thrissur and is often mistaken to be the same. However, just a small part of the SCM is logistics.

Supply chain management is wider and includes all activities related to manufacturing, processing, storage, delivery, cooperation with all stakeholders (suppliers, BPOs, intermediaries, distributors, and customers), i.e. the end of the supply chain’s end-to-end activities.


Logistics course in Thrissur


Thrissur Logistics Course manages supply chain functions that help companies prepare, manage and execute transfer and store goods processes, including transportation, fleet management, handling of materials, warehousing, inventory control, etc. In short, logistics considers “what” (inventory) is produced or deposited “where” (facilities), and “how” it is moved (transportation).

The logistics course in Thrissur helps to achieve the “Customer Satisfaction” objective, which in turn helps to achieve the “Competitive Advantage” supply chain objective.


Logistics management courses in Thrissur


Logistics Management

It manages and combines all logistics activities with other functions, such as Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing, Finance, and Information Technology. This includes careful preparation, appropriate software use, the procurement, and competent management of adequate resources.


Importance of Logistics Management

A company with an effective logistics system in place ensures that raw materials are available at the right time/place to prevent production delays, allows all processes to proceed smoothly, ensures storage that decreases obsolescence, and responsively gets the final product to the consumer.


Reverse Logistics:

It encompasses all functions used to return goods and services to the source from the final destination in the supply chain in order to be reused, recycled, repaired, or refurbished. Due to the increasing concern about the deteriorating climate and various government regulations, reverse logistics has been given a lot of importance in recent years.




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