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Logistics training course in Trivandrum

Al Salama Trivandrum welcome you into the world of job opportunities and turn you into global leaders to drive the future of the logistics industry. By joining hands together to pursue your dreams, let’s turn the wheel of the unthinkable into the realm of possibilities.


Logistics course in Trivandrum


Logistics have been vigorously pursuing the Al Salama Inspection Service with committed research and the wonderful career opportunities it offers. WE launched the Al Salama School of Safety Studies Centre for Logistics and Management Studies, a strategic unit with the participation of a multidisciplinary faculty and industry professionals to conduct advanced theoretical and applied research on supply chain management and logistics.

Best Logistics institute, Trivandrum, Kerala is Al Salama School of Safety Studies, located in the of Trivandrum. Al Salama, known for its commitment and discipline, has been the reason for many students’ success stories. When education is spearheaded by a council of committed teachers/faculty who ensure that individual attention to each student stimulates the learning process to the optimal level of achievement, awareness spreads across national boundaries.


Who Al Salama School of Safety Studies Are?

The goal of the Al Salama Institute is to provide quality training in the supply chain management sector. The provision of qualified logistics professionals has been part of our objective to meet the broad demand in the logistics and shipping industries. We, as a team, are driving forward to build opportunities for skilled professionals in the logistics segment, thereby providing the youth of our country to have a wonderful career in logistics.


Why Al Salama Trivandrum?


In the logistics market, the Al Salama Trivandrum Institute of Logistics recognizes the demand for qualified professionals and embraces global best practices in the industry.

The logistics and shipping industry is experiencing exponential growth as the world falls under one roof, and we are part of this global effort to provide “work training” with realistic exposure through internships and case studies that are an integral part of our course curriculum.


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